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     EMSculpt is an FDA-approved non-surgical treatment that builds up muscle mass while burning through fat cells. It does this by delivering high-intensity electromagnetic pulses (HIFEM) to muscles, which causes them to contract. Muscles are tightened, toned and strengthened in the same way as doing 20,000 manual crunches or squats. Deep supramaximal contractions also remodel the inner structure of the targeted muscles while reducing fat cells in the process. The result is a sculpted and toned look without any need for surgery or medical downtime.
EMSculpt Neo gives patients even more power to burn through their fat stores. Newly launched in autumn of 2020, this next-generation treatment uses the same electromagnetic energy as the standard EMSculpt device. But it has added radiofrequency (RF) energy into the treatment mix to literally burn through fat stores using heat energy. With this unique blend, patients can gain more intense muscle-building and fat-reduction results.



What areas of the body can EMSculpt and EMSculpt Neo treat?
Both treatments build muscle and reduce fat across 5 different areas of the body:

Abdomen – gain a tighter stomach and a more defined six-pack
Buttocks – gain a lifted and sculpted butt with minimal effort
Arms – increase the size of triceps and biceps while tackling bingo wing fat
Legs – reduce the circumference of your thighs and slim down your saddlebags
Calves – improve the shape and size of your calf muscles



Ab Sculpting
Toned abs are the dream of almost anybody who desires the ideal physique. The problem, however, is defined abdominals can seem impossible to come by, often requiring an incredible amount of repetitions and time commitment
You could do crunches all day but still not achieve your desired results. But with EMSculpt Neo, you’re performing the equivalent of 20,000 crunches in only 30 minutes. Better yet, you won’t feel any real pain on the way there.
Think about it like this: when you perform a situp, you can only activate 50% of your muscles. Whereas EMSculpt triggers 100% of muscle activity.
Butt Lifting
What makes EMSculpt or EMSculpt Neo different from other butt-lifting procedures?
Whether invasive or non-invasive, most other methods all focus on fat burning.
Realistically, you can zap away all the fat from your buttocks and have it still remain flat while lacking the lift you’re looking for. However, with the high-intensity contractions caused by EMSculpt, your deepest gluteal muscles shorten. As a result, fibers break down, which triggers repair much stronger than before.