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Who Is A Good Candidate For An EMSculpt Procedure?
As safe and non-invasive as EMSculpt and EMSculpt Neo are, this is not a “one-size-fits-all” procedure.
The most ideal candidate for this procedure is close to their preferred body weight and is also quite fit.
These ideal candidates, who already likely work out, are just seeking that extra help to give them more definition in their abs, glutes, thighs, and love handles.  EMSculpt is for those who can’t get those results despite their best efforts–helping tone up stubborn pockets of loose skin and fat.
Someone who carries a lot of body fat may not notice much of a difference after EMSculpt treatment but with the newer EMSculpt Neo treatments, the added fat reduction element via radio frequency provides more fat reduction than any other treatments on the market and are approved for patients with BMI up to 35.
Furthermore, any patient or client recovering from an injury will find value in these treatments. It’s not uncommon for EMSculpt practitioners to receive referrals from physiotherapists for athletes who need to speed up muscle growth during their recovery and rehab.


Who is more suitable for an EMSculpt Neo treatment?
As EMSculpt Neo has emerged as an industry-leader in combined fat reduction and muscle-toning, it is ideal for patients who want to redefine their bodies with maximum efficiency. Its advanced ability to burn through fat makes it an ideal choice for patients with a little more fat to shift.
Who is more suited to an EMSculpt treatment?
Even though EMSculpt Neo brings higher muscle-building and fat-removal benefits to most patients, classic EMSculpt is a better treatment to choose if you have less of a severe fat reduction need. Patients who have pinchable areas of excess fat on their love handles for example, or a thin layer of fat obstructing their six-pack would be much better suited to the standard EMSculpt treatment. If you exercise regularly, but want to give your physique a more sculpted and defined appearance, then classic EMSculpt is better suited to your needs.


What is the difference between EMSculpt Neo vs EMSculpt?
The main reason that EMSculpt Neo differs from EMSculpt is its technological make-up. Whereas EMSculpt relies only on advanced HIFEM energy to tone up the muscles and achieve fat reduction, EMSculpt Neo is a world-first treatment that combines this technology with radiofrequency. It blends radiofrequency heat energy with HIFEM using a patented electrode that is found in no other body-contouring device.

This added heat boosts blood supply to muscles so they build up stronger and faster. It also heats layers of fat to a level that causes them to physically break down. The damaged fat cells are then metabolised by the body in a natural way, leading to permanent fat removal. This process mimics the effects of other body-sculpting treatments like fat freezing, which destroys fat in a similar temperature-controlled way, but without the muscle-building benefits.